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How Aromatherapy Can Improve Your Health And How To Use It Effectively

How Safety-Net ERs Can Save Health-Care Reform

Authentic aromatherapy uses therapeutic plant extracts, which support the body in seeking balance and carry a variety of health benefits. Plant extracts, also known as essential oils, are concentrates taken from roots, seeds, leaves or plant blossoms. Different oils, or combinations of oils, can be used in different ways. Some are used to promote physical healing, such as healing fungal infections, rashes or reducing pain and inflammation, while others are used as stress reducers or mood lifters. Researchers are not entirely on clear how aromatherapy works.

aromatherapy_istock.jpg They hope to leverage their research to affect local policy and influence upstream primary-care interventions. In the delicate transition toward health reform, safety-net ERs can serve as hubs for access to essential non-medical services such as housing assistance, social work, mental health, and legal advocacy for lower-income individuals. It is well established that interventions that address personal behavior, social circumstances and environmental factors affect a greater proportion of poor disease outcomes compared with medical care alone. The Highland Health Advocates (HHA) in Oakland started a patient help desk in the waiting room of their busy county ER, facilitating enrollment in health coverage plans and providing social services and legal counsel to patients who are often undocumented and uninsured.
How Safety-Net ERs Can Save Health-Care Reform

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